Read our customer case studies to discover new usage cases for your business. Our clients include eCommerce owners, Shopify merchants, dropshippers, Amazon sellers, affiliate marketers, and more. They have successfully leveraged TikTok's organic reach to expand beyond their borders. Gain valuable insights and inspiration for your business from our success stories.

eCommece owner
success story

How Caros, Shopify stores owner mange to made 1.6m€ with 100% free TikTok traffic.

Caros is an ecommerce owner who operates Shopify stores and uses organic TikTok posts to attract customers. Although he lives in Europe, his target audience is in the USA.

Dropshipping store owner succes

How Peter from Poland Made over 140k $ from Dropshipping Using TikTok Organic Posts with a USA Sim Card

Despite living in Europe, Alex's target market is in the United States. This is likely due to the fact that the US has a large population and a high level of consumer spending. Peter has found success with USA sim card  in reaching his target market and growing his business.


Only Fans agency
success case

Peter is running an OnlyFans agency in Croatia and is specifically targeting customers from the United States.

Although Peter's home country is in Europe, he has managed to reach his main market in the United States through the use of our sim card. He is running all of his marketing operations remotely from his home country.

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